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What is it about Theme Cruises?

There are theme cruises for every imaginable interest, from food and wine to music to history and sports. And, is a way to help you find the perfect theme cruise matching your desires and interests.

If you haven’t heard, we are excited about the re-introduction of

Not only are we the most comprehensive list of theme cruises available, we have some gems listed that you might never know about. (More on gems to come on our blog.)

Of course, destinations run the gamut. Cruises go to The Arctic to Antarctica and everything in between. Think - every continent!

There are a variety of theme cruises available, each with its own unique focus. They’ll usually include onboard enrichment with special guest lecturers, instructors, entertainers and experts that will accompany you during the entire trip.

Here are categories of theme cruises available to consider.

  • Active cruises such as running, hiking, wellness, yoga, biking, pickleball, and more.

  • Entertainment including well-known entertainers and performers from TV, Film & Media, performing arts, comedy and even magic.

  • Enthusiasts and Hobbies include Arts, Antiques, Photography, Poker, Knitting, Sports… the list goes on.

  • Food and Wine with prominent chefs, authors, and wine connoisseurs who accompany groups on tours, have cooking demonstrations, lessons, and tastings.

  • Holidays with traditional, seasonal and cultural meals, decorations and activities. Great for families looking for a relaxing, stress free holiday or a warmer climate for the season.

  • Intellectual Pursuits covering business & finance, cultures, history, literature, etc.

  • Lifestyle for singles, family, charity and LGBTQ+.

  • Music for lovers of many genres like Rock, Blues, Country, Classical, Jazz, etc.

  • Nature lovers of animals, environment, and natural wonders.

  • Political interests and Religion based itineraries and topics.

We have developed a browse experience to help you peruse the variety of interesting cruises:

What’s in it for you?

  • To learn something new: Theme cruises are a great way to learn about different cultures, history, and cuisines.

  • To expand a skill or deepen your knowledge of something you know, or improve a skill you already have.

  • To experience new things: Theme cruises offer the chance to try new activities and see new places.

  • To meet new people: Theme cruises are a great way to meet people who share your interests.

  • To have fun and enhance your vacation experience. What could be better than traveling with hundreds, if not thousands, of folks who share your passion!?

There are theme cruises for everyone! They are popular with couples, families, and singles of all ages. They are also a great option for groups of friends to do something unique and interesting together.

Theme cruises are perfect for solo travelers to vacation and connect with people on the theme cruise with similar interests.

Theme cruises are great as they offer alternatives for non-participants in the cruise. For example, you may want to go on a poker cruise and also be with your family. There is plenty of entertainment and activities for your family or friends while you are participating in games and classes.

Theme cruises can be found on all types of cruise ships, from small riverboats to large megaships. The type of ship you choose will depend on your budget and the type of experience you're looking for.

  • Sizes of cruise ships: Cruise ships come in all sizes, from small ships with under a hundred passengers to megaships with over 7,000 passengers. The size of the ship will affect the amount of activities and amenities available, as well as the price of your cruise.

  • Theme cruises can have a variety of itineraries, from short weekend cruises to long multi-week cruises. The itinerary you choose will depend on your interests and how much time you have available.

Here are some examples of theme cruises with different types, sizes, and itineraries:

  • Food and wine cruise on a small riverboat: This cruise offers guests the opportunity to sample the cuisine of different cultures along the river, as well as learn about winemaking. The cruise ship is small and intimate, making it a great way to meet new people and make friends.

  • Music and dance cruise on a megaship: This cruise features live music and dance performances from top artists, as well as workshops and classes for guests to learn new skills.

  • History and culture cruise on a midsize ship: This cruise explores the history and culture of different destinations, with onboard lectures and guided excursions. The midsize ship is large enough to have a variety of amenities, but small enough to be able to dock in smaller ports.

  • Nature and wildlife cruise on a small expedition ship: This cruise offers guests the opportunity to see amazing animals and natural wonders up close. The small expedition ship is designed for cruising in remote areas, and has zodiacs and kayaks for guests to explore the coastline.

  • Family cruise on a large megaship for the holidays: This cruise is designed for families with children, with activities and amenities that appeal to all ages. The large megaship has a variety of pools, water slides, and kids' clubs, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars. is the best way to find the perfect theme cruise for your next vacation. We have an extensive list of theme cruises to discover, and we make it easy to browse the many options by interest.

When you are ready to learn more or book your cruise, you’ll find contact information listed for each cruise. We always recommend that you contact your travel advisor for insider details, savings possibilities and advice. For privately sponsored cruises, guests must usually book through the partnering travel agency. You’ll find their contact information listed for each cruise. is updated daily with new and interesting cruises. Follow us on X (formerly Twitter) for tweets on new, unique or popular cruises. You can also sign up to get automatically notified when a new theme cruise is added in a category that you are specifically interested in. Just Browse and view the type of cruise you are interested in. Then click Notify Me at the top of that category.

If you are hosting or sponsoring a theme cruise, we welcome and invite you to add your theme cruise to the site for free. Go to

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