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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people sail on a theme cruise?
    A theme cruise can be as few as a dozen, or as many as 3,000. First you need to determine if it is a private, cruise line or charter cruise. Each has its own dynamics and you should inquire before booking.
  • What about bringing my family?
    Some theme cruises are suitable for family travel, while others are clearly not. You should check with the organization putting on the cruise as to content.
  • What about traveling as a single?
    A theme cruise is an excellent way to meet others who share your interests and passion on a particular subject. Most groups dine together at dinner time, so you’ll have a chance to really get to know others in the group. As for accommodations, many organizations will create an opportunity to share a cabin with others in order to same some money. You’ll find that occupying a cabin as a single can get to be a bit expensive, and sharing will help you save some money.
  • What kind of theme cruises are there?
    Theme Cruise Finder offers...
  • How do I book a theme cruise?
    In most cases (for private and charter cruises), you will need to book passage via the channels established by the group. Be careful to check into this, as a cruise line’s direct booking operation, or an unscrupulous travel agent might tell you that you can join the event, only to find out you can’t when you get there and it’s too late. If it is a cruise line sponsored theme cruise, you can book through any travel agent (preferable) or direct with the cruise line.
  • I already have a theme cruise, how do I get it listed?
    Go to the button that reads “Listing a theme cruise” and take it from there.
  • I have a theme cruise, but do not wish to be listed on this site.
    If you would like your listing removed from the site please use the Report Abuse link to contact the Theme Cruise Finder staff. Complete the form and select "Please Remove My Listing" from the pull down menu. We will remove your listing as quickly as possible.
  • I am thinking about putting a theme cruise together, how should I proceed?
    You can contact a travel agency that has experience developing and implementing a theme cruise. Details can be found at the bottom of the home page, click the button which reads “Create a Theme Cruise” for details.
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