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Whodunit Murder Mystery Cruise Sailing


Enthusiasts and Hobbies - Mystery

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About this Cruise

Calling all Super Sleuths!!

4 Nights of Murder and Mayhem as we set sail from Los Angeles, with a mysterious day at sea and “muy” suspicious stops in Ensenada, MX and Catalina Island.

The Diamond Mob Family Getaway! And we do mean get away!

With the recent death of da infamous mob boss Don Antony Diamond, da “family” comes together aboard the Navigator of the Seas to vote in da new Don…or Donna… of da Diamond family! But with all of these mob bosses in one place it’s bound to be a deadly cruise!

As the clues unravel try to solve the spectacular mystery of “WHODUNIT” before it’s too late! Whodunit creates a live Murder Mystery Cruise aboard the most beautiful ships in the world that you become a part of…as well as try and solve.

There are times during the murder mystery cruise that you will be following the deadly saga and other times when you are free to just enjoy the cruise…We don’t want you to look over your shoulder for the entire cruise now do we?

When you board you will be given your own deadly role to play. Don’t worry, if you are on the shy side you can just sit back and watch the plot unfold. But if you are not shy, then you can use your character to find out as much as you can.

You see the actors will be mixing among you and in character for the entire show! The hilarious story begins to unfold as you meet all the SUSPICIOUS characters.

Sail Date(s):

Monday, Jun 10, 2024




From LA: Ensenada, MX and Catalina Island

Cruise Line:

Royal Caribbean International

Cruise Ship:

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Cruise Type:

Private Group Cruise

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