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Variety Cruises: Unexplored Greece


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Let us show you our home, off-the-beaten path. These 10 stunning island destinations offer a more nourishing side of Greece, a taste of true Greek culture. These are places where people take pride in offering hospitality – in line with the ancient custom of filoxenia, love of strangers – and where things are done with meraki, love and soul. A cruise voyage unraveling the most authentic Cycladic and Dodecanese islands of Greece. Discover unknown gems with rich history, incomparable light, translucent water, and heavenly beaches.

Patmos: A touch of the Divine
The Cave of the Apocalypse, this sacred, candlelit grotto is believed to be
the spot where St John the Divine received his visions from Christ and
transcribed the Book of Revelation, the last chapter of the Christian Bible.
Exiled on Patmos in 95 AD, he preached to, baptised and prayed with the
island's inhabitants. Eventually, Patmos came to be considered sacred and
the cave became the focal point of a significant religious pilgrimage.

Kalymnos, the island of the sea-
sponge harvesters
The fourth largest island of the Dodecanese Group is widely known as an
international sponge-harvesting trade center. After WWII, Kalymnos
remained the only Greek island engaged in the sea sponge-harvesting
activity, supplying Syros, Nafplio and Constantinople and travelled as far
as Odessa, St Petersburg, Moscow, Trieste and the Middle East.

Longevity Secrets of Ikaria
Enjoy a cooking class with fresh local produce and discover the Ikarian
diet: Vegetables from the garden, legumes and greens, and plenty of olive
oil. On the Greek island of Ikaria, life is sweet... and very, very long.

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One of the benefits of travelling on board our small intimate ships, is that you get to travel with fellow Variety Cruises passengers who share the same interests as you. The same interests in history, cuisine, lifestyle, wellness and nature.

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May 31, Jun 7, 21 & 28, July 5 & 12, 2024





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