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Experience over six minutes of totality in Luxor, the heart of ancient Egypt — with cold beverages, ample shade, and air conditioning right at hand. From our base at the legendary Sofitel Winter Palace (your ship, the m.s. Hamees, is docked at the Sofitel), one of the world’s iconic travel destinations, immerse yourself in the archaeological riches of the Luxor region.

Along the way to totality, you can enrich your eclipse experience if you wish, with one of two educational options:

Dr. Juan Antonio Belmonte Avilés, the world’s leading authority on Egyptian archaeoastronomy, teaches about the vital role astronomy played in ancient Egypt’s cosmology and its rituals concerning death and the destiny of the soul. Immerse yourself in the ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ASTRONOMY Lectures PROGRAM so you have an astronomer’s perspective on the structure and decoration of many of the Luxor region’s monuments.
Dr. Stephen Ressler, highly sought-after educator, civil engineer, and retired West Point Brig. General shares an in-depth look at the Great and Meidum Pyramids, and key aspects of civil engineering that made a sophisticated Ancient Egyptian civilization possible. Join the ANCIENT ENGINEERING Lectures PROGRAM and gain insight into the science and design of structures that endure for millennia.

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Monday, Aug 2, 2027




Nile River

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Private Group Cruise

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