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Arctic cruise in Scandinavia: Lapland and Spitsbergen


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From the Northern Lights to the Polar Light' is a new 11-night journey along the Norwegian coast to Lapland and across the Norwegian and Barents seas to Spitsbergen. Passengers will have the chance to meet the indigenous Sami people in Lapland, and Ian Dawson, Ponant's photo ambassador, will be aboard to share photography tips including how to capture the northern lights.

With featured guest Ian Dawson, British Photo Ambassador.

The writer Jørn Riel described the polar night as a “a world apart, […] unique and fascinating, where nature reigns supreme and men keep a low profile.” When the northern winter approaches, the sun hardly rises over the horizon any more: experience an all-new PONANT journey and let yourself be guided towards a new temporality, the moment when a long dusk stretches out after the day. From the jagged coastlines of Norway to the ice-covered reliefs of Spitsbergen, dive into the heart of landscapes lit by powdered hues and set off in search of the exhilarating spectacle of the Northern Lights.

Aboard Le Commandant Charcot, a warm cocoon, savour the discreet and refined comfort of its spaces opening out onto the world. From the Blue Lagoon pool, the Observatory Lounge or the uninterrupted outside promenade deck, you will appreciate the splendour of the winter panoramas over the Arctic Circle.

You will set sail towards the shores of continental Norway at the edge of the Arctic Ocean: welcome to Lapland! Very close to the emblematic North Cape, the northernmost point of Europe, sovereign nature delivers geological marvels in the heart of a fjord – a preserved island, dolomites and rocky rises formed during the last glaciation. The Sami, reindeer farmers and one of the last European indigenous people, live between rugged shores and snow-capped peaks, remarkable coastal cities and large wild expanses, in the Lapland territory. During warm encounters, you will discover their cultural traditions and their way of life, in harmony with the elements. Immerse yourself in nature and, while the night overtakes the day, set off to chase the Northern Lights.

On this exclusive PONANT itinerary, your ship will continue on its path north, towards the coastlines of Spitsbergen. From this territory at the end of the world, you will explore majestic fjords and admire ancient glaciers and alpine peaks, at dusk. Here, the sun takes its leave, giving way to the long polar night, steeped in mystery and source of many Nordic myths.

Make the most of the rarity of daylight, experience close up the fleeting dusk and delight in the majestic landscapes before the long winter night.

Sail Date(s):

Friday, Oct 18, 2024




Lapland and Spitsbergen

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Cruise Ship:

Le Commandant Charcot

Cruise Type:

Cruise Line Sponsored

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