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Antarctica Science Program - Whale Research Study


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A project of the California Ocean Alliance, Friedlaender Lab, and the University of California at Santa Cruz, scientists will make a variety of observations and collect data about whales. They’ll study the overall effects of ship and boat ambient noise levels on acoustic marine mammal communication, use drones to collect data on the overall lengths and condition of the whales, conduct remote biopsy samples, assess the impact of approach on humpback whales to validate or change IAATO guidelines, and make observations about humpback whale bubble net feeding.

We’re delighted to share an exciting Antarctica science season who can get onboard with researchers and scientists!

These trips are perfect for teachers, professors, researchers, and nature-focused groups, like bird-watchers, wildlife photographers, and conservationists.

From whale and ice seal observations to penguin counting and the overall impacts of Citizen Science, they’ll be able to participate, observe, and interact with hands-on projects on an expedition cruise to Antarctica. Our partners include ORCA, the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies/University of Tasmania (IMAS/UTAS), Penguinwatch, Western Washington University, and California Ocean Alliance.

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Sunday, Dec 3, 2023





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