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A musical journey on the Baltic Sea


Music - Classical Music

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In partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE, with featured guests Alain Duault and an exceptional musical line-up.

PONANT invites you to discover the historical cities along the Baltic Sea. You will embark on Le Bellot for an 10-day cruise about the cultural wonders of the Hanseatic League.

From Copenhagen, you will first set a course for Karlskrona. This city, whose history is intrinsically linked to the Swedish Navy, boasts exceptional UNESCO-listed architecture that is characteristic of late-17th-century European naval cities.

Your ship will then call at Gdansk, famous for its amber stone and its shipyards. The former Hanseatic city will reveal some of its architectural treasures, in Gothic and Baroque styles, restored or rebuilt.

Further north, Klaipeda, formerly known as Memel, the main port town in Lithuania, is separated only by a narrow channel from the Curonian Spit, a UNESCO Heritage.

Le Champlain will then sail to the Swedish island of Gotland and call at Visby, a site that was important for the Hanseatic League in the Baltic Sea around the 13th century. A UNESCO Heritage Site, this once-opulent city still has remarkably well-preserved ramparts, public buildings, merchant houses and warehouses.

You will also discover Riga, capital of Latvia. A unique blend of different architectural styles, the old town will open itself up to you like the pages of a history book.

You will then head to Helsinki. Located on a peninsula surrounded by almost 300 islands, the verdant capital of Finland will charm you with its Art Nouveau architecture.

You will visit Tallinn, emblematic city of the Hanseatic League, the large trading network that dominated the Baltic Sea for several centuries. Listed as UNESCO Heritage Site, this once opulent city still have remarkably well-preserved public buildings, merchant houses and warehouses.

Your ship will finally head for Stockholm, your disembarkation port.

Sail Date(s):

Saturday, Apr 20, 2024




Baltic Sea

Cruise Line:


Cruise Ship:

Le Bellot

Cruise Type:

Cruise Line Sponsored

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